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723 St. Louis Road
Collinsville, IL 62234

-A cornerstone ministry of
First Baptist Church, Collinsville
for over 50 years

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GreenHouse Preschool strives to provide a friendly, uplifting environment which fosters all aspects of child development and growth while enhancing each child's God given potential. We offer parents knowledge, experience, and guidance in the field of early childhood development, education, spirituality, and care. Originally established in 1961, GreenHouse has a rich history of preparing children during the early stages of the developmental process, through a bible-based, interactive instruction in a nurturing setting. Staffed by early education specialists from a variety of disciplines, GreenHouse offers a unique, community-driven alternative to preschool education.

Since the primary emphasis of GreenHouse Preschool is to provide individualized personal attention for each child, enrollment is limited to a "low number". Advance registration is strongly recommended.

The GreenHouse Purpose:

GreenHouse, a non-profit ministry of First Baptist Church, believes its purpose is to provide loving care and appropriate Early Childhood learning experience in a warm Christian environment.

The GreenHouse Philosophy:

At GreenHouse, we believe that the foundation of early learning includes the total development of a child. We strive to provide experiences which are age appropriate and meet the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of each child. We plan our curriculum to provide a caring creative environment for the child. Our ministry is carefully planned to enhance each child's knowledge and skills, while promoting self confidence, curiosity, and initiative. We believe that communication and cooperation between home and school is essential if we are to create an environment conducive to learning. We believe that a child's work is play, play with a purpose.

At GreenHouse, we strive to provide the following developmental objectives for each child.

  • Helping the child get along and have a positive attitude towards self and others.
  • Create an awareness of the existence of God and to enrich the child's knowledge of God.
  • Promote language skills and communication abilities.
  • Stimulate interest in mathematics, science, computers, and art.
  • Promote health, physical growth, and motor development.
  • Develop academic concepts and problem solving skills.

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